What is the Standard Size for Patches and How Would I Measure Them?

Posted by Signature Patches | January 12, 2012 at 6:15pm | Topic: Custom Patches

Custom patches add style and appeal to apparel and uniforms. These personalized items are used by businesses, organizations, sports teams, private schools, and clubs as a way of identifying employees, volunteers, vendors, athletes, students, and members. In addition to being practical, patches are attractive and memorable. That’s what makes them such a popular staple in institutions around the world.

When it comes to ordering custom patches, a few questions may come to mind. One of them is, “What is the standard size for patches?” There is no standard size of patch. We custom make each and every one of our products so that they can reflect your interests and needs. There is a formula that you can follow that will help you determine the measurements necessary to make your patches visually appealing and easy-to-apply.

Here is how it works:

  • Patches are measured using the following formula (Height + Width) /

  • Simply add together the height and width of your desired patch, and divide that number by two. The result is your patch size.

The design that you choose to include on your custom patches will help determine how tall and wide they should be. This also will help you decide what shape they should be. Patches can be circular, triangular, rectangular, square or cut-to-shape. For example, if you have an eagle on your patch, it can be cut according to the outline of the image. This makes the patch interesting and relevant.

Custom patches are used by groups, organizations, athletic teams, security companies, private schools, and businesses of all types. They help identify and reward. They can be sewn on, ironed on or Velcroed onto articles of clothing with ease. Groups like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America have used patches to award specific accomplishments.

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