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  • What is the PVC backing?
  • It is a Plastic protective coating that is applied to help support the patch. This patch type must be sewn on, and does not have iron on capabilities.

  • What is the minimum quantity of patches I can order?
  • Our minimum quantity to order is 100 (per design). We also offer as low as 50 patches (per design) but there is a $55.00 under-minimum fee, as well as an increase in cost per patch.

  • Do my patches have to have a border on them?
  • Yes, There are two types of borders. Merrow and Heat Cut. Merrow is a sewed border up and around the patch edge. (Backwards C). A Heat Cut border is die cut using heated scissors. This method seals the patch edge and keeps it from fraying. Both borders are FREE with every order.

  • How effective is the Iron on backing?
  • Our Iron On Backing is very durable and adheres well to most fabrics. It does very well with standard washing machines and dryers. (50-70 wash and dry). Iron On Instructions are available upon request.

  • Is the Peel and Stick backing a permanent fix onto a clothing item?
  • No, it is only a temp fix to a clothing item. It can be taken off and re applied to clothing items about 3-4 times before it starts loosing its ability to stick. Then it’s a sew on type of patch and still useable.

  • What type of thread is used and how strong or fade resistant is it?
  • The thread is made from 100% Rayon which is the strongest thread available for a patch and is very fade resistant to the sun and the weather elements.

  • How many colors can I use on my patch design and is there any charge for extra colors?
  • We offer up to 7 thread colors with every order of patches FREE of charge. Every color after that is only 0.10 extra per color added to the price of the patch.

  • How do I measure my patch design to get the cost and size of my patch?
  • We measure our patches based on the following calculation: (Height + Width) / 2 simply add together the largest height and largest width of your desired patch, then divide that number by two. The result is your patch size.

  • How long does it take to get my patches in hands?
  • Once you have approved the art work and placed your order you will have your order in hands in 14 business days or less. We ship UPS 2 Day Red label.

  • What other types of patches or products do you make other than standard patches?
  • All our patch orders are custom made to your specifications. We offer various patch types and products including Woven, PVC, & Silkscreen patches. Special backing options are also available.


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