Attachment Options


No Patch Backing

No Backing

No Charge

PVC Patch Backing

PVC Backing

Free Optional Upgrade

Iron-On Patch Backing

Iron-On Backing

$.10 each for 1″ to 3.5″
$.20 each for 4″ and up.

Hook and Loop (Velcro)

Hook and Loop

Add $0.55 ( up to 4.5″)

Peel and Stick

Peel & Stick Backing

20% additional per piece

Tuxedo Clip

Tuxedo Clip

Speak to an Associate.

Safety Pin

Safety Pin

Speak to an Associate.

Butterfly Clutch

8 mm Post with Butterfly Clutch

Speak to an Associate.

Things to Keep in Mind


1. Heat transfer patch does not equal iron on.

Heat transfer patches are created via a process called dye sublimation, which means an image is printed onto a mesh backing using no thread at all. Iron On Patches means the patch has a shiny backing meant for heat attachment. Heat transfer patches with no iron on backing will not attach to your clothing via ironing.

PVC backing vs PVC patch

2. PVC Patches does not equal PVC backing.

PVC patches are waterproof and weather resistant. They can be ordered with a hook and loop backing, or PVC backing, but NOT with an iron-backing. Do not attempt to iron on PVC patches or any patch with a PVC backing.

thread options by signature patches

3. Sewing Your Patch

If you decide to sew your patch in place you may order PVC backing, hook and loop backing, or no backing at all. If ordering PVC patches, all PVC patches come with a recessed channel for you to sew along.

4. Temporary Patch Placement

For temporary patch placement, peel and stick, safety pin backing or an 8mm post is recommended.

Ready To Get Started?

When you are ready to proceed, use the convenient Order Form on our site to place your custom patch order.

Getting Started with Custom Patches

Custom embroidered patches offer the high-quality look of direct embroidery without the high cost. In addition, you get the flexibility of adding your customized design to any article of clothing regardless of size, shape, or fabric.

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