PVC Patches: Not Your Traditional Custom Patch Design

Posted by Patrick Moyer | Friday December 13th, 2019 | Topic: Design

Let’s talk about PVC

Most people look at PVC as the odd man out in the family of custom patches. Embroidered patches, woven patches and even photo patches are manufactured with thread and mesh, but that’s not the case with PVC patches. 

The polyvinyl chloride material we use to mold these types of designs has a texture similar to soft rubber. So, not only do they look completely different than a traditional patch, they also feel different. Threaded patches have the warm texture of fabric, like a comfortable sweater or flannel shirt, and PVC patches have a cool, flexible rubber texture.

Traditionalists might imagine that PVC patches don’t belong in the family of custom patches, but we disagree. PVC patches are by no means your traditional patch, but they’re perfect for anyone that enjoys the great outdoors, and they have the potential for some of the most colorful artwork with unrivaled depth and detail.

Crisp Detail and Unique Textures for Custom Patch Design

PVC patches change the game when it comes to custom patch design. Photo patches and woven patches have a soft, smooth surface, and while they have incredible detail, they lack real depth. Embroidered patches have a more textured surface thanks to the embroidered thread that makes up the artwork, but if you want a patch design that really pops, PVC is the only way to go.

Signature Patches Anatomy of a PVC Patch

Patches like these have layered 2D designs. To make this happen, our production team creates a casting mold. The colorful PVC is used to fill the recessed areas in the casting mold, and then everything is placed in an oven to cure. Casting designs this way makes it easy to create sculpted artwork with rounded edges.

So, if you’re looking for a design that pops with 2D detail and texture, PVC is the best way to go. We can also take the idea of creating unique textures a little further.

Signature Patches PVC Patch with Stippling Pattern

Take this patch as an example. The background pattern of the design has a stippling pattern. This type of design is only possible using PVC, so if you’re hoping to include a texture like reptilian scales, a honeycomb structure, or even a perfectly smooth surface, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing Colors and Including Text in Your PVC Patches

The available color options for PVC patches and embroidered patches are a little different. There are hundreds of different thread colors to choose from when creating an embroidered patch. We use Pantone colors, but we don’t have every Pantone color available in thread. PVC, on the other hand, needs to be mixed by hand to create different colors. 

This means that we can use any Pantone color you need in a PVC patch design. If you’re creating a company patch that needs specific brand colors or if you’re hoping to include as many dynamic colors as possible, just send us the Pantone colors you have in mind, and our production team will set to work.

Signature Patches PVC Patch color breakdown

PVC patches are well known for their crisp colors and incredible detail, but we think that one of their best features is a little less well know. You see, PVC patches are better for including small text than any other type of patch. 

This is not to say that patches made with thread can’t include text. PVC patches are just better than other types of patches when it comes to including text. This has to do with the ways patches are made. Embroidered patches, for example, need to be carefully designed to avoid things like jump stitches. 

Embroidered Patch and PVC Patch letter comparison

Since PVC patches are molded, we can raise or recess text in the design. Changing the level of the words printed in the artwork creates a natural contrast, making messages much more legible than they would be in if sewn or printed onto a mesh surface.

Changing Things Up With a New Kind of Custom Patch Design

We’re not saying the custom PVC patches are better than any other type of custom patches. We’ve made all kinds of beautiful woven, embroidered, heat transfer and chenille patches over the years. However, depending on the type of design you’re looking for, PVC might be the best way to go. 

If you want to include small text, Pantone colors from your team or business, or 3D artwork, then PVC is your best option. On top of all that, PVC is flexible, resistant to cold and water, and easy to wash. This makes them ideal for life in the great outdoors.

PVC patches might not be the most traditional type of patches out in the world, but that doesn’t mean they don’t belong in your collection. Give us a call today, and see what kind of PVC patch design we can dream up for you!

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