Taking Custom PVC Patches to the Next Level

Posted by Patrick Moyer | Monday April 6th, 2020 | Topic: Design

Another Look at Custom PVC Patch Design

We’ve already talk about how custom PVC patches break the traditional custom patch mold, and today, we want to delve a little deeper into the topic and show you how to upgrade your custom PVC patch design.

Specifically, we’re talking about custom PVC patches with 3D artwork and glow in the dark designs.

Most people don’t think of 3D design when it comes to custom patches, but when you choose a custom PVC patch over a traditional embroidered patch or woven patch, you open the door to all kinds of unique design options.

So, if you want to try out a sculpted 3D patch design or a glow in the dark design, you should consider ordering a custom PVC patch for your team.

Sculpted 3D Artwork on Custom PVC Patches

How is 3D design different than a traditional PVC patch design?

If you’ve ever had a custom PVC patch of your own, you already know that the artwork is layered. This helps the design pop and makes text highly legible. When it comes to 3D design on a custom PVC patch, it’s more than just multilayered artwork. The design becomes sculpted, with rounded edges.

PVC patch anatomy by signature patches

The text on these custom PVC patches is 3D. It gives the letters a bolder look and a unique texture. As you can see, the artwork has raised and recessed levels, but the text has rounded edges and a sculpted appearance. And you can do more than create 3D text on your custom PVC patches.

We make custom PVC patches with incredibly detailed 3D artwork as well. This patch uses five different levels of 3D patch design to create a detailed image of a police dog.

3D patches by signature patches

The digital proof uses neon colors to illustrate the different levels in the design, helping our production team map out the dimensions and prepare it for the manufacturing process. Once the patch is finished, the end result is something truly incredible. When you run your hand over the artwork, you can feel the gentle curves of the soft PVC design, and see how the layers are molded to create the intricate artwork.

Custom PVC Patches That Glow in the Dark

If 3D is not your thing, you might want to consider something that glows in the dark. These custom PVC patches had the same crisp and clear style as your everyday PVC patch, but when the lights go out, the artwork continues to shine!

glow in the dark pvc patch

We helped design these patches for Westpac 2020. The red, green and yellow text stands out beautifully against the black PVC background. The artwork at the center of each patch is not as conspicuous until after dark.

Glow in the dark PVC is charged by UV light during the day. So, if you wear patches like these out in the sun for a few minutes, they’ll be ready to shine as soon as night falls.

You can incorporate glowing elements into your custom PVC patches in all kinds of different ways. These patches have a subtle glow effect, but you can go big and cover your entire patch with glow PVC if you want to. Just let us know what you think will look best, and we’ll make it happen.

Thinking Outside the Box When You Design Custom Patches

Custom PVC patches are growing in popularity among different types of organizations around the globe. They’re best suited for any type of custom patch that you expect will be spending a lot of time outdoors. Soft PVC patches are waterproof, resistant to cold, and easy to clean should you find yourself in a messy situation.

The crisp and clear artwork provided by our custom PVC patches makes including text and small images easy, and if you’re looking for a custom patch design the defies convention, order a custom PVC design with glow in the dark elements or 3D artwork is sure to make a big impression with your team.

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